Sunday, November 20, 2011

Indian Legal Workforce Needs To Be Skill Driven

Practical training and skills are two of the most important attributes of a successful and highly paying career. These attributes are also the most commonly absent essentials of various educational courses. As a natural result, almost 75% of the educated masses are either unemployable or simply not suitable for the relevant jobs.

Even Indian companies are facing shortage of skilled workforce to manage their day to day functions. In the information technology field, there is an urgent need of cyber skilled workforce in India. Further, technical education and skill development in India need to be considered on a top priority basis.

As far as legal field is concerned, the situation is not very different. For instance, the legal research in India is not qualitative and plagiarism is rampant in Indian legal research community.

Although legal process outsourcing (LPO) in India is flourishing yet there are very few e-discovery related LPO and KPO firms in India. In future e-discovery related LPO and KPO services in India would increase considerably. However, the skilled workforce needed to execute such high end and domain specific work is missing.

PTLB online skills development initiative is trying to bridge all these gaps so that a skilled legal workforce can meet all the future employment related challenges in India. Interested stakeholders, students and professional from around the globe can enroll for these courses, training, education and skills development programs of PTLB.