Monday, November 21, 2011

Are Indian Satellites Safe From Cyber Attacks?

Cyber attacks and cyber espionage by one nation against another are very common these days. Though nations are attacking one another through cyber intrusions yet none of them come forward to accept the same. Whether we like it or not but cyber attacks and cyber espionage would continue to be used by various nations against each other.

This process is a part of traditional strategic information gathering by defence forces, intelligence agencies, etc. For instance, the systems and techniques capable of destroying an adversary’s satellites have been a major focus of arm race in outer space. With the active use of Internet, the same process has taken a shape of cyber espionage and cyber attacks.

Naturally, we must focus upon a robust and effective cyber security in India. For instance, Indian preventive and offensive capabilities against cyber warfare must be developed to ward off growing incidences of cyber espionage and cyber attacks against India.

Indian critical infrastructure if frequently targeted by cyber attacks. Malware like Stuxnet and Duqu are increasingly found in the computers managing the critical infrastructure of India. In fact some believe that Stuxnet was also responsible for the destruction of an Indian broadcasting satellite. Cyber security of Indian satellites is a natural choice in these circumstances.

The Indian government must deliberate upon cyber threats like cyber espionage and cyber warfare that are increasingly targeting strategic computers and facilities. With growing interest in cyber security, this may be achieved within few years in India.