Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Data Privacy Laws In India

Privacy rights and data protection are essential for protecting civil liberties and commercial interests. We do not have a dedicated privacy law in India as well as data protection law in India. There is no second opinion that privacy laws in India and data protection law in India is needed.

Privacy rights and laws in India have been ignored for long. Privacy rights in India in the information era are seldom respected in India. Although right to privacy bill of India 2011 has been suggested many times in the year 2011 yet till now we do not have any conclusive draft in this regard that can be introduced in that parliament of India. In fact, we are still waiting for a public disclosure of final and conclusive proposed draft right to privacy bill 2011 of India that can be discussed in the parliament.

Fortunately, the issue of phone tapping and violation of privacy rights as a result of the same is pending before the Supreme Court of India. The unconstitutional phone tapping in India is wide prevalent and the Supreme Court of India must also address this issue.

The Supreme Court of India must expand privacy rights in India as that is the need of hour. Fortunately, the issue is already pending before it and there would not be much trouble in formulating a privacy framework for India.

However, the real solution can come from the parliament of India alone. The parliament of India must pass strong and effective privacy and data protection laws for India. Even there is a need to revisit the telephone tapping legal framework of India.

At the executive level, Indian government must formulate the national privacy policy of India that must address all these issues. Unfortunately, Indian government is deliberately avoiding these crucial issues on one pretext or other. In the larger interest of India and as a direct obligation under the constitution of India, executive, legislature and judiciary must protect the fundamental rights and civil liberties of Indian citizens.