Monday, January 23, 2012

National Telecom Network Security Coordination Board (NTNSCB) Of India

Announcement pertaining to telecom security and cyber security in India have been made from time to time. Even a new national telecom policy of India 2011/2012 has also been suggested by Department of Telecommunication (DoT), India.

DoT has also suggested the creation of the Telecoms Security Council of India (TSCI) that would look into security related aspects of hardware and network equipments. In the past proposals for the establishment of Telecom Security Regulatory Authority of India (TSRAI) were also mooted.

However, till now we have no telecom security policy in India and telecom equipments security framework in India. There is no mechanism in India through which telecom hardware and software can be analysed for backdoors and malware. Now Indian government has declared that telecom equipments must be certified by TEC before use in India. A proposal to store call data records has also been given. The norms for import of telecom equipments in India would also be formulated very soon. Similarly, a telecom security policy of India may also be drafted.

In the past news regarding establishment of various authorities to safeguard telecom security in India have also surfaced. These proposed authorities include Authority for Telecom Security in India, Telecom Security Council of India, etc. Further legal framework to streamline telecom related issues in India have also bee suggested. The National Spectrum Act of India is also in pipeline.

Now as per the latest news, Indian government is planning to form a new body to supervise telecom and cyber security in India. This may be a good step in right direction or just another declaration with no actual implementation, just like the past declarations.

The proposed body plans to oversee telecom and cyber security to avoid overlap between various ministries and intelligence agencies that are currently handling this issue. The proposed body has been given the name National Telecom Network Security Coordination Board (NTNSCB) of India.

It has been proposed to establish the same at Department of Information technology (DIT) and it may be headed by the telecom secretary. The NTNSCB will have representatives from the defence and home ministries, intelligence agencies, IT department, intelligence bureau, National Security Advisor and NTRO, among others reports Economic Times.

In addition to suggesting measures to address network security related issues, NTNSCB will also set up objectives and targets to the various departments and agencies handling telecom and cyber security related issues. The NTNSCB may also facilitate the Central Monitoring system (CMS) Project of India. This is a good step and its implementation is urgently required.