Friday, June 25, 2010

Law Enforcement In India Needs Techno-Legal Solutions

Modernisation of police force and establishing the supporting infrastructure for better policing and quicker responses to crimes, cyber crimes and national crises like terror attacks requires a techno-legal approach. Neither technology nor legal framework alone is sufficient to tackle these issues. However, absence of either law or technology would also fail any initiative that intends to modernise law enforcement in India. Take the example of National Intelligence Grid (NATGRID) that has been stalled due to absence of adequate safeguards and legal framework. None can doubt about the utility of NATGRID still it is in doldrums as it is not a techno-legal initiative but merely a technological initiative. This shows the importance of a techno-legal solution.

Perry4Law Techno-Legal Base (PTLB) is the premier, rather exclusive, institution of India that is providing techno-legal solutions for law enforcement and intelligence agencies of India. It is also providing techno-legal solutions for protecting national security of India. Some of the areas that it covers include cyber security, cyber terrorism, cyber forensics, cyber law, telecom security issues, etc.

Since any technological measure used for law enforcement and intelligence agencies purposes essentially involves civil liberties violations potential, we have also launched a Human Rights Centre of India (HRPCI). The Centre serves a “dual purpose”. On the one hand it provides techno-legal solutions to nations and organisations regarding cyber security threats, cyber terrorism, threats to the critical ICT infrastructure, cyber war, cyber espionage, crisis management plan, etc. On the other hand, it keeps a close watch over human rights violations by an overzealous and over cautious e-police State. In short, we provide techno-legal solutions that are not only technically sound but also constitutionally and legally valid.

At PTLB we believe that we cannot superimpose foreign models to Indian conditions. We have to “localise” our solutions so that they may suit Indian requirements. That is why we endorse a techno-legal training of police force as per Indian requirements. To meet this objective we have a techno-legal training centre for police forces of India at place.

Presently, PTLB is preparing a techno-legal strategy for modernisation of police force in India and world wide. Its world renowned techno-legal expertise would cater the law enforcement, legal and judicial and technological needs of crime fighting in India. We hope our initiative would prove useful for all concerned.