Saturday, November 28, 2009


The merit and competency of Indian Judiciary is well known all over the World. There is virtually nothing that Indian Judiciary is not capable of resolving. However, there is always scope for the improvement. One such improvement that is urgently required to be adopted, implemented and inculcated by the Judges of District Courts, High Courts and Supreme Court of India pertains to Techno-Legal acumen and knowledge.

Techno-Legal acumen is difficult to acquire as it requires a sound working and practical knowledge of both technical as well as legal aspect of the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) related aspects. Issues like Cyber Law, International Telecommunications Laws, Cyber Forensics, Digital Evidencing, Cyber Security, etc pose difficult and sometimes non-understandable legal issues before the Courts. The Judges in India must fill in this much needed and unnoticed legal gap that has not yet been explored by them.

Since the Techno-Legal issues are difficult to understand and more importantly scant to provide in the absence of adequate Techno-Legal Experts and Specialists in India, there is an emergent need to start Techno-Legal Judicial Training of Judges of India. Perry4Law is the First and Exclusive Techno-Legal ICT Law Firm of India and one of the Best in the World. It provides Techno-Legal Services and Training in the field of Cyber Law, Cyber Forensics, Cyber Security, E-Courts, E-Governance, E-Commerce, Telecommunication Laws, Technology Laws, etc.

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Any person or institution interested in seeking the Professional Techno-Legal Services and Techno-Legal Judicial and Legal Training of Perry4Law must visit the “Contact Point” of Perry4Law and follow the requirements mentioned therein. Telephone conversation facility and a meeting after the appointment is fixed are also available subject to advance payment of the “Hourly Rates” of the respective Partner(s).