Saturday, May 25, 2019

First Techno Legal Telelaw Project Of India By PTLB

Information and communication technology (ICT) can be beneficially clubbed with any field and legal field is one such field. However, Techno Legal issues are very complicated to manage and there are very few technology solutions for legal fields. We at PTLB have realised this limitation and have launched many Techno Legal projects in the hope that our efforts and support of Indian Government would make India a hub for Techno Legal services. 

While implementing these projects we realised that Access to Justice (A2J), affordable legal services and other facilities are missing despite the best effort of all stakeholders. Even in 2019 it is very difficult to get an FIR registered for a henious crime forget about getting a timely and cost effective justice. So as part of our corporate social responsibility, we at PTLB decided to do something about this sad situation. Thus, the Telelaw Project of PTLB was born out of necessity and to give right to legal aid a meaningful purpose. 

A keen observer must have noticed that the services covered  by this Telelaw project are not only too wide but thay are essentially Techno Legal in nature. For instance, you would not find any Telelaw service in this world that is providing affordable legal services in fields like cyber law, cyber security, artificial intelligence, Internet of things (IoT), etc. This is not only a path breaking innovative project but also one of the most much needed projects of its time. 

We are constrained due to our policies to discuss or disclose much about this project. In fact, many of the wonderful features of this project have already been tested and they are kept in reserve for implementation at approriate time. As per Praveen Dalal, Telelaw Project of PTLB is a "Human Rights Project for Human Beings by Techno Legal Humans" and its true import, significance and applicability would be apparent only once we add various functionalities to it. These features and functionalities would serve very specific purpose and would tackle very specific and complicated Human Rights and socio legal problems. 

If you want to have an idea in which direction Telelaw project of PTLB is going, please see the Telelaw Blog in this regard that we would update from time to time. Since Telelaw project of PTLB (sorry, but we have to repeat the title multiple times as there may be other telelaw projects as well) is dedicated to "Humanity at Large" we have not confined ourselves to India alone. If you are approaching us through your National/State Government or though any International Organisation like WTO, WIPO, UN, etc we are committed to extend our concessional and affordable Techno Legal services to you. It is our request to all such stakeholders that such reference must be made on the official letter head of such Govt/Organisation and must be forwarded through the e-mail pertaining to official website/domain of such Govt/Organisation. 

We would also cover areas that traditional lawyers/law firms do not prefer to touch. But more about such issues would be discussed at appropriate time. We hope this project would be helpful to both national and international stakeholders alike.