Tuesday, September 4, 2012

E-Delivery Of Services In India Missing

Electronic delivery of services in India (e-delivery of services in India) is in really bad shape thanks to the myopic attitude of our Indian government and its committees. As on date we have no mandatory framework for e-governance services in India.

This is a clear case of denial of digital empowerment of Indian citizens by the Indian government. The information technology act 2000 (IT Act 2000), which is the sole cyber law of India, carries few provisions pertaining to e-governance in India. However, the IT Act 2000 expressly put an embargo upon mandatory e-governance services in India.

It is really surprising that after more than 12 years of enactment of IT Act, 2000 the parliamentary standing committee on information and technology still believes that states would not be able to meet the e-governance needs of India. If a country cannot put in place e-governance services for 12 years and is still insisting upon more years, it puts a question mark upon the capabilities of that nation.

No doubt India is really poor at e-readiness and e-governance in India is dying. Indian government is presently facing a “technology bankruptcy” and “ICT emergency” vis-à-vis cyber crimes, cyber attacks, cyber security and other related issues.

There is nothing wrong in enacting a good law in this regard but there is everything wrong when we make excuses for not enactment of such law at all. We need time bound enactment exercises and by allowing unlimited time to enact such laws, we are doing no good to India. It is high time for us to ensure e-delivery of services in India.