Friday, July 20, 2012

Use Of Technology To Fight Cross Border, Transnational And White Collor Crimes

Technology has increasingly being used to commit cross border, transnational and white collor crimes. As law enforcement technologies evolved even cyber criminals devised novel and undetectable methods to indulge in their nefarious activities.

Use of Hidden Internet for committing cross border, transnational and white collor crimes has increased a lot. Since the activities are not available and accessible to ordinary search engines and net surfers, the Hidden Internet has become a breeding ground for cyber criminals.

Now it has been proposed to use technology to fight drugs, human trafficking and illicit networks. Technology is also been used to prevent and tackle cyber crimes and cyber attacks. Now even Google and Interpol have decided to use technology to fight these crimes.

We at Perry4Law and PTLB welcome this move of Google and Interpol. We also believe that Hidden Internet would post tremendous challenges before Google and Interpol in their drive against white color crimes and transborder crimes. It would be a good idea to explore methods to take care of crimes originating at Hidden Internet as well.