Saturday, September 17, 2011

Legal E-Learning Courses In India

E-learning has changed the entire game of education providing in India. In a country like India, qualitative and timely education is very difficult to find. Universities, colleges and educational institutions of India are not only overcrowded but they are also following the traditional and old academic model.

This has sacrificed practical trainings and skills development in India to a greater extent. Skills development for technical education in India is especially in urgent need of rejuvenation. Online skills development in India through e-learning is a viable option to fill this gap that is costing us skilled workforce in India.

Legal e-learning in India has also witnessed a growing interest in India. At Perry4Law Techno Legal Base (PTLB) we provide exclusive techno legal e-learning education, courses, trainings, etc. Techno legal e-learning in India by PTLB has the unique advantage that it combines both technical as well as legal knowledge that very few in the world are doing.

Some of the courses where e-learning can play a conclusive role in India include cyber law, cyber security, cyber forensics, due diligence, intellectual property rights, digital evidence, e-courts, Natgrid, CCTNS, human rights in cyberspace, etc.

PTLB provides all these and many more techno legal e-learning courses in India and world wide. A prototype of the techno legal e-learning courses of PTLB is available to have an idea about the basic level techno legal courses of PTLB (PDF).

Since this initiative of PTLB is an online initiative, students and professionals from any part of the world can get themselves enrolled. The application form (Doc) for getting enrolled to various courses of PTLB is also available online.

Indian government must announce incentives and supports for private institutions that are providing valuable trainings and education through e-learning methodology. This is more so in the legal field where e-learning is almost non existent. We hope our initiatives would prove useful to all concerned.