Friday, July 1, 2011

Online Cyber Law Education In India

Online education is in its infancy stage in India. This is more so for techno legal courses like cyber law, cyber forensics, cyber security, professional techno legal courses, etc where neither the traditional education and training institutions nor the contemporary education and training institutions are well versed.

Here comes the importance of online cyber law education in India. Cyber law is a complicated field that requires good knowledge of both technical and legal aspects. Further, cyber law is an area that requires good skills not only to learn it but also to apply it in real life.

Presently, whatever limited cyber law education that exists in India, it is devoid of this skill development and training aspect. For instance, most of the education institutions, both traditional as well as online one, are providing basic level cyber law courses and trainings. However, in the name of courses and trainings mere diplomas or degrees are offered and granted. This does not ensure that such diploma or degree holders do have necessary skills and training to excel in real life and in a professional environment.

We at Perry4Law Techno Legal Base (PTLB) do not endorse this approach and we have taken a very radical stand. We have deviated from the academic nature of cyber law education and are offering techno legal training and skill developments for cyber law. To make it more effective, PTLB has been providing online cyber law education and training in India.

The stakes are high and so are the quality standards for the cyber law education and training courses of PTLB. Further, we also understand that not everybody can come to a physical location hence we have also been providing online cyber law education and trainings in India, Asia and other places.

Interested institutions and organisations may contact us with their proposals if they wish to engage in this initiative of PTLB. Further, professionals desiring of having good and qualitative techno legal cyber law education and training may also contact us. We hope this initiative of ours would prove beneficial to all concerned.